Mission Statement:  Our Founder, Du Yufeng

​Du was born in Guangyuan in 1958. When she was 2 years old her mother died, leaving her father to raise her and her 5 siblings. Du holds her father responsible for her empathy towards animals: “When I was small, dad bought us rabbits, sheep, ducks, pigeons, cats and dogs. A representative of each species was entrusted to each of us and a reward of a few Yuan every month meant that we looked after our given animals very well. This is, without a doubt, when my ‘revolution’ really began”

In 2003 Du’s rescuing began when she saved 20 stray dogs. Previously she ran a successful kindergarten school but she sold her business and turned the building into a stray dog rescue organisation.

“I feel that my role is to defend the most vulnerable and, for me, that means dogs and cats. Many people have criticized me for saving animals rather than humans but that does not affect me. ​Some people, whatever we tell them, do not experience any feeling for animals and eat the cat and the dog without remorse. “

Du has been to conferences on animal welfare to further her own animal care education and meet other activists and shelter owners.  In September 2015, Du’s hard and continuing work at Yulin Dog Meat Festival was officially recognized by World Dog Alliance in Hong Kong. She received first prize with a gold award and a cheque for $100,000 which was used to build some new kennels and beds for the dogs at the shelter.
Charity Type: Private non-enterprise units registration

Year Founded: 2003

Location: Guangyuan, China

How to get involved: https://www.boaianimalcentre.org/


We Use Your Donation To:

  • Rescue animals in need,
  • Pay veterinary fees for operations and treatments,
  • Perform desexing,
  • Buy medical supplies to treat animals,
  • Buy a variety of tasty food for the nearly 900  furry children,
  • Print educational material to take on our education events,
  • Promote vaccination and desexing by offering treatments to owners
  • Take our education events in to surrounding towns and villages where animal welfare is limited,
  • Fight the Dog Meat Trade by gathering evidence to take to the authorities,
  • Pay wages to full time staff who stay, & care for the animals, at the shelter 24/7,
  • Promote ‘Adopt Don’t Buy’
  • Lobby the government for small animal legislation,
  • Lobby the government for a ban of dog & cat slaughter & consumption.



Instagram feed: @boaianimalcentre