Mission Statement: Sarama Animal Rescue rescues dogs, cats and small domestic animals in the NYC/Long Island area.

We take in all breeds, ages and personalities. We believe all beings have a right to live and thrive. All of our rescues are fully vetted including spay/neuter, vaccine, heartworm test for dogs, fiv/felv test for cats, microchipped and treated with flea preventative. Any other health issues or injuries are also taken care of by our caring vets. We work with other rescues and people in the community towards a common goal of making the world a better place for animals.

Our Shelter follows this creed to protect and nurture any dogs who need our care. Animals need kindness, love, and respect as much as we do. In general if these needs are met, they have proven to love unconditionally, protect at all costs, and are true companions. Also, they are intuitive enough to be aware of and appreciate the people who sacrifice for them.

The origin of our name was inspired by the myth of Sarama , the dog of the gods.Sarama is said to be the mother of animals as well as their protector. She also aims to change people’s view point that animals are lesser beings.


Charity Type: 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization

Location: Voorhees, New Jersey

How to get involved:


Check out items they need donated or donate via PayPal at http://www.saramarescue.org/donate/



Instagram feed: @saramaanimalrescue