Mission Statement: Social Tees Animal Rescue is a not-­for-profit, strictly no-­kill 501c3 organization in the East Village of NYC that takes abandoned animals from kill shelters and provides them with a safe haven and veterinary care before placing them in proper forever homes. Social Tees Animal Rescue is a long­standing member of the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC Animals and a participating shelter under the City of New York’s Animal Care and Control New Hope Program, which places animals in local no-­kill shelters. They work closely with the ASPCA, the North Shore Animal League, and Petco. They have also partnered with rescue groups in Tennessee and California, where the euthanasia rates are higher than they are in the northeast, via which they rescue and find forever homes for hundreds of animals annually.

Charity Type: Not-for-profit organization

Year Founded: 1991


325 East 5th Street
New York, NY 10003
212-­614-­9653 (please leave a message!)

How to get involved:

Website: http://www.socialteesnyc.org/

Make a donation: http://www.socialteesnyc.org/onetime-donation/

Become a foster parent: http://www.socialteesnyc.org/faqs-1/

Volunteer with Social Tees: http://www.socialteesnyc.org/volunteer/

Instagram feed: https://www.instagram.com/socialteesnyc/?hl=en