Mission Statement: #EveryWoman distributes care packages every month to communities in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago & Toronto. Every woman can relate to that moment their period has paid an unexpected visit. At a special event, on a first date, while stuck in traffic, or moments after arriving at the beach. These, and plenty more, are common gotcha scenarios that leave women vulnerable, embarrassed, and with a relentless need to get home and shower.

Now, imagine being homeless.

‚ÄčExperts have stated publicly that periods are a source of crisis for homeless women, both financially and with respect to personal hygiene. The #EveryWoman Project is a collective of kind souls who gather together on a monthly basis in different cities across North America to assemble and distribute feminine care packages to women in need. Our goal is to embrace #EveryWoman and provide her with the necessities she needs to function and feel clean.


Charity Type: 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization

Location: New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago & Toronto

How to get involved: Volunteer and/or donate items: theeverywomanproject.com

Donate money via GoFund Me

Use the hashtag #EveryWoman on social media to spread the word.

Instagram feed: @theeverywomanproject